The heel cup  - maximum support and relief of heel pain
The heel cup - gives maximum relief of heelpain
Fysioterapiteamet offers orthopedic heel cups made of thermoplastic, thereby achieving a rigid but dynamic heel cup with steady and deep support  for maximum relief of heel and arch. While the heel cup so well depicts the foot it feels very relieving and comfortable for the foot, despite its relatively hard surface and appearance.

Heel cup to counter the heel spur pain
Heel cups  usually give an immediate reduction of the heel spur symptoms and sometimes the patient can walk almost pain free from reception. The reason is that the heel cup provides a very good relief of the injured tissue attachment which also optimizes the relationship of healing. Suitably is combining heel cups with simultaneous extracorporeal shockwave therapy or treatment with high-power laser. Heel cups are made directly after the first visit and you can start using them right away.

Orthopaedic heel cups at Sever's Disease
Severs injury (sometimes referred apofysitis calcanei) is the most common cause of heel pain in children 9-15 years of age. Controlled studies have shown good efficacy in children with heel pain due to overload in the heel bone growth area. The load on the heel bone is reduced, fthe fat pad thickness increases, and pain decreases in the use of the heel cup. The deep and stiff heel cup prevents the fat pad that compresses the load reducing pain and increased shock absorption is achieved. The recommendation today is to use rigid orthopedic heel cups in sports shoes and continue in the same activity levels as  earlier, if possible.

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Ortopedic heel cups